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just ask for directions by JaggyJay
just ask for directions
colleen and hidan got lose in the woods and i had to make a doodle |D
hooey by JaggyJay
Thought I'd share what the art project i've been working on all semester is looking like. I gotta finish the red guy and add a bit of at implied-line-BG-bullshit but I am so close to finally being done with this :iconcryforeverplz:
HM: Eddy by JaggyJay
HM: Eddy
Name: Edward Lionel Pierce Gonzalez (Eddy)

Age: 20

Gender: male

Height/weight: 5'8" | 150 lbs.

Species: 1%Tiger Shark

Heightened Senses: Eddy has an excellent sense of smell as well as specialized eyes which help him see better in the dark and in murky water. Eddy also has Ampullae of Lorenzi which allow him to detect electric fields (including those coming off of living organisms), and a Lateral Line which helps detect vibrations. He basically has a million and one ways to detect your presence.

Fishyness: Eddy has gills that allow him to breathe underwater, and is a very strong swimmer.

Mischevious: Eddy's a prankster, and enjoys being a general nuisance. Whether that entails making a very specific person uncomfortable or agitating the general public indiscriminately.

Honest: If Eddy has anything going for him, it's his honesty. It's probably a byproduct of not being clever enough to actually tell a lie, though. He's pretty candid and straight-to-the-point. If you ask him if your butt looks big in that dress and it really does, he'll tell you. If he's the one who chewed your slippers he won't deny it.

Hyper: The shark has an unlimited store of energy. Paired with a simple mind, his behavior can somewhat resemble that of a puppy or a little kid. Stubborness, whininess, joyfullness, innocence and all.

Unstable: Eddy suffers from terrible, turn-on-a-dime mood swings. The natural aggression that comes from his shark DNA doesn't help, either. A conversation with him may leave you with whiplash.

Eddy was born in Tampa, Florida. Both of his parents were immigrants from Mexico and had been living in America for a few years before Eddy was born. As he grew up his family kept a close relationship with Eddy's Aunt, Uncle, and cousin in Miami. When the boys were 5, Eddy's cousin Rick got sick with muscular dystrophy and his parents sent him to an experimental medical lab to hopefully find a cure. Not long after, Rick's parents were violently killed. Eddy's parents thought it suspicious when they were not contacted by the lab caring for Rick over custody issues, and decided to investigate the corporation. When they had gotten in too deep, iTex had them killed (granted, in a much quieter way) and took their child to a lab in New Zealand.

There, Eddy was injected with Tigershark DNA. He grew into his new mutations and proved to be a vicious predator. He recieved only very basic combat training because his instincts already made him an unpredictable, uncontrollable ball of destruction in a fight. His spurratic movements came with a cost, though; he developed zero blocking or evasion skills, and would sometimes hurt himself more than the enemy hurt him. Victory was always rewarded though, so Eddy began to see pain as rewarding. As he got older and started going on actual missions for iTex, he proved to be a poor team player and terrible at following orders. He was impossible to keep under control. After some investigation, iTex found signs of ADHD and bipolar disorder. Deciding that the cost of medication outweighed the boy's benefits, they slated him for retirement. On the day of his execution, Eddy threw a massive fit, biting and fighting his way away from his eraser escorts and escaping the lab. He swam away from New Zealand and eventually found himself on a cargo ship heading to England. He wandered around there for a while, usually able to pass off his sharp teeth as body modification and his stripes as tattoos while hiding his eyes with sunglasses. While he was still in iTex he'd heard rumors of a Mutant safehaven in Scotland owned by a former investor, and set his mind to find it.

Staff Position: Security Guard
Interesting facts:
-Eddy has ADHD and bipolar disorder, but is unaware of the fact and is unmedicated
-Has masochistic tendencies
-His cousin Rick is a groundskeeper at HM
-His stomach is capable of eating raw meats, and he has a tendency to swallow inedible objects (particularly shiny stuff like jewelry, or rubbery things) and has to throw them up later.
Someone give this guy a trophy- as of November 28th, Eddy has been around for three years, and been in as many groups. This is also his 5th and most dramatic redesign- he's notably less spikey, eh? |D
Eddy(c) JaggyJay 
MRP: Mia by JaggyJay
MRP: Mia

Full Name:
 Mia Miyuki

Age|Age Appearance: 21 | 21

Birthdate: Dec. 1st

Immortality?: N/A

Height|Weight: 5'6" | 110 lbs.

Gender: Female

Birthplace|Nationality: Canada | Japanese-Canadian



Dorm: Floor Two

Second mouth: Well there's a big ass second mouth full of razor sharp teeth on the back of her head. Nuff said.

Prehensile Hair: Her locks of hair can move like tentacles and grab shit. 

Sleep-Eater: While she rarely ever eats a thing while she's awake, her second nature awakens while she's asleep to eat via her second mouth. This makes her one hell of a sleepwalker, not to mention her second mouth is usually quite ravenous.
Vulnerable Body: she's not bulletproof, immune to poisons, or really any stronger than a normal human is.
Demon Repellent: She is a demon, so anything that repels them (like salt, iron, holy water, devil's traps, etc.) will work on her.

Weapons: None


Social: Mia likes to socialize, and maintain a good circle of friends. She'll rarely shy away from a room full of people or a social gathering.
Showy: She has looks and talent, and she's not afraid to let other people know it too. 
Diva: When things don't go her way, she can be a bit of a sore loser. When things do go her way, it's just another boost to her pride.
Natural Leader: Mia's not afraid to take charge, start a conversation, settle an argument, etc. Sometimes she crosses the line from leaderly to bossy, but she's usually well intentioned.

-Marina and the Diamonds
-ice skating
-cheer leading
-getting praise/compliments 

-being ignored
-the sound of people eating
-being helpless
-laying around all day

Mia was born in Canada to Japanese immigrant parents. As she grew up, she blossomed into a social flower and had lots of friends. She started ice skating when she was little, and become a cheerleader and student council member in highschool. Mia was quite the popular girl. However, the pressure to always look perfect was pretty heavy, and despite being a healthy looking girl, she started feeling like she should be skinnier. Soon she started eating less and less, eventually leading to her skipping meals. Eventually it was at the point where she'd only have a bite or so of food a day. That's what lead to the supernatural affliction which turned her into a futakuchi-onna. Horrified by the second mouth that formed on the back of her head, Mia and her family planned to send to a preist in Japan that might be able to excorsize the demon. She boarded a plane that set her down for a layover in Ireland. While in Ireland, Mia was mugged and robbed of most of her money, consequently missing her flight. Stranded, Mia began to wander until she found Memoirs.

RP Mediums: Skype (madamejaggy), chats, comments, notes

-despite how much her second mouth eats, Mia doesn't gain much weight at all.
-she's bilingual
-she still hopes to get rid of her second mouth and be human again
-the way her hair moves is a good way to read her mood
-you'll rarely catch her without a hat on

so i was basically listening to Bubblegum bitch the entire time i worked on this |''D
Design Adopted from AbstractAni  

*jaws theme plays* by JaggyJay
*jaws theme plays*
sharky boy's getting a revamp.
I got rid of the lionfish spines, he's just tigershark now. I'm going to restart him with a clean slate. His back story is going to change, and his personality just a little bit. I plan on putting him in :iconhawkings-manor: once I'm done.


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